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Elizabeth winkelhoff headshot.jpg

Elizabeth Winkelhoff

Elizabeth, the creative behind amethyst alchemist art, is a self-taught craft artist. She specializes in bookbinding, paper making, and embroidery, and has additional backgrounds in painting, zinecraft, quilting, and garment construction. Elizabeth began as a student of her mother and grandmothers, and she's been crafting ever since.

Today, journals are her favorite art object to make, because their lives begin after they go to their new homes. As an artist, her sketchbooks are where she goes to think. As a child and teen, her journal was where she went to understand. Her books are made to be used and become complete when others put art or words on their pages.

Elizabeth believes that handiwork can expand the definitions of identity, art, and history, and she aims to explore that in everything she makes. Her crafting methods are steeped in sustainability and reuse, and she employs production methods that minimize waste. Elizabeth is available to teach classes in bookbinding and papermaking, and she takes commissions for custom books through her email and website. 

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