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(She/Her) I am originally from Portland, OR and recently moved to Virginia. I currently work as a full time artist and historic house curator for Fairfax county.

Graphic designer and maker with the help of my laser cutter, I craft moody decor and wearables.

The current art project I am working on is to create the entire series of Major Arcana Tarot cards as layered wood wall sculptures.

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Hello I’m Bob Knudsen, I’ve practiced art as a photographer for over 40 years. I have met 13 U.S. Presidents, & photographed 11 Presidents. Worked in & for the White House, U.S. Capitol, both houses of Congress, major sports teams, & all our military services. I was featured in a major photography magazine as one of the Nation’s top photographers by Kodak. I’m the author of, “A Living Treasure” on the people, places, & events as seen thru the four seasons of Arlington National Cemetery. In 2018 I suffered injuries in a car accident that kept me in rehab for over a year.  


Compounding my return to normal lifestyle was going thru chemo treatments & surgical procedures, associated with cancer. Then the Covid. I’ve collected from the water almost my entire life, starting at age 5 in Guam. 

So it was an easy to turn my artistic attention to the study of decontaminating, enhancing, & preserving driftwood. Finding no credible processes to do this I created my own methodolgy that I call Enhanced Driftwood. I am the only person using this method. I sold my first driftwood pieces by word of mouth. The interest quickly grew from those seeing my new artworks. Many encouraged me to open a website so others could enjoy and purchase the finely enhanced driftwood sculptures I was creating. This was the beginning of Potomac River Art.

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