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Stone Heart

Stone Heart Forge is located in Woodbridge, VA. The artist, Marnie, works in the mediums of stone, steel and bone to create beautiful and functional works of art that connect the user to nature through their daily activities while using these hand-made artworks. Each item is created with the intention to produce handcrafted art that will last for generations.


The majority of work from the shop is flint knapped knives, hand-tied Appalachian broomcorn brooms and forged tools, knives and decor. Antler, horn and bone carvings are also created and often fashioned into knife or broom handles producing one-of-a-kind crafted objects, tools and

Marnie has been blacksmithing for approximately 15 years and is a long-time member of the Blacksmiths’ Guild of the Potomac (BGOP). If you are interested in blacksmithing classes, please contact BGOP at If you are interested in broom making classes contact the artist by clicking email below. 

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