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I am a Northern Virginia native; I create expressive works via new and unique artistic mediums, currently focused with polymer clay as my medium of expression. Polymer clay is synthetic modeling clay that remains malleable until it is baked in a regular, convection or toaster oven @ 275 degrees Fahrenheit. Polymer clay is uniquely beautiful, albeit a challenge to work it does have advantages, with no shrinkage and inherently beautiful colors that stay true and will not fade over time. I continue to experiment with different clay techniques to expand my knowledge base.

I am an alumnus of the Lazy Susan Dinner Theatre in Woodbridge, Virginia, where for the first time I felt that I had found my tribe. I thrived, grew professionally, personally; made friendships that still exist thirty years later. The CulinaryArts are another passion I enjoy. I am a formally trained Professional Chef having achieved an Advanced CulinaryDegree; a member of the American Culinary Federation for over twenty years. Thank you for enjoying my works.



Horrible Darlings

Each item is completely unique like a bone fragment. Never to be perfectly recreated ever again. And- as in the human condition- all flaws and faults are considered to be an artful part of the whole. To be loved. Enjoy. 


Lillian Calo

My ceramics focus began in 2006 following a “Paint your own Pottery” session.  I chose a couple of premade forms and experienced a great event painting them. My creativity was unleashed!   I decided that I had to learn to create pieces from scratch, so I enrolled in wheel throwing classes at my local recreational center and was hooked!   The wheel throwing continued for the next dozen years only to be ended by a shoulder surgery.  When I returned to clay, I elected to try hand building rather than wheel throwing, believing this new approach would cause less shoulder stress.  I fell in love with hand building, which allowed my creativity to blossom with the surface decoration of my pieces.  I abandoned the wheel.  Now I strive to make non-traditional, colorful, fun pieces that make people smile.

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Jenna Claesen

My figurative oil paintings and sculptures express the many facets of human emotions through a sensual, visual landscape. I’ve been juried into over forty art shows and festivals up and down the east coast. In the spring of 2000, I was named the featured artist of the Pear Blossom Festival and created a commemorative sculpture with all of the profits going to the Sena Foundation, a non-profit grief counseling organization. During this time I also enjoyed giving countless sculpting demonstrations at the shows and for local elementary schools.

Like many artists experienced in 2001 after the 9/11 attacks, art sales became unstable. This ‘pause’ in the art scene became formative to my growth though. I dove deep into meditation, spiritual knowledge and my innate love of working with children. It also gave me time to work on and publish my inspirational book for artists, “Inner Illusions, The Secret Path of A Visionary Artist.” I’ve also written, illustrated and published three children’s books, (all available on

In 2008 I created Fairy Jennabelle, a children’s entertainment company. I went full time with it in 2014 and am now one of the top children’s entertainers in the DC area. When the pandemic hit in 2020, life shifted once again. With no events to work at, I returned to my love of the fine arts. My career has been a wonderful adventure of self-discovery and I'm grateful for every moment of it. Being completely self-taught, I feel strongly that…


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