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Clay work has always been fun for me and gives me a chance to invent, so I explore and manipulate clay with a view to the whimsical. Being process-oriented, I like to see what develops in the exploration. I combine wheel and hand formed components to create fanciful, functional and non-functional creature forms, which are really funny when they start looking back!  My varied inspirations come from interactions with arty and witty friends, nurturing in a farm community, natural objects, foreign travel, and an avid funny paper habit. 

I spent my youth in rural Mississippi, Tennessee and Ohio, a product of cattle farmers and artists, and also travelled widely as an adult. Several of my ancestors were painters, but I was drawn to ceramics as a college undergraduate, discovering the joy and satisfaction of manipulating clay, and finding excitement in its sculptural possibilities and tactility. Clay wouldn’t let me go, so after a short public school teaching career, I pursued graduate studies that have since led to a decades-long involvement with clay as studio artist, teacher and arts manager. 

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