Noelle Dumas
Paintings, drawings, collage, mixed media

Artist Statement

Noelle Dumas was born and raised in New England, the product of a family that loved its cars, its motorcycles, its furniture, its food, and its family traditions.  Classically educated in Fine Art  and Industrial Design at the Center for Creative Studies, Noelle's artistic ability stems as much from experience as it does from schooling. Art school in Detroit trained Noelle in various mediums, but also kept her close to the love of vehicles she had developed early on Growing up. Noelle watched her father race every Saturday night, and worked in his motorcycle shop from a very young age. She helped her grandfather work on the many vintage cars in his garage, and thus became enamored with all things mechanical, sleek and fast.  Her designs range from an amusement park ride that was slated for a major theme park, to exhibits and custom furniture. 

While Noelle's adult life has taken her on many adventures, she has never lost her passion for speed, classic metal, rubber and chrome. Of late, she has turned her "motorhead" mentality and artistic prowess to items that transform ordinary car parts into unique works of art.   

  “My background is in design; and with a family history of all things fast, I have created the work you see here. I’m an artist, industrial designer and automotive enthusiast – born, raised and educated….
While trying to understand a new generation of “car guy,” for my business, the young people I studied were building “one of a kind,” personalized vehicles. The classic “flame job” of history has been taken to a whole new level. This is where I found inspiration.
Noticing the time and effort displayed in preparing these detailed “show cars,” I realized that the largest and most predominant parts were chipped and flaking; and down right boring. This was a noticeable fact since the cars as a whole were quite beautiful.
One technique in personalization is called “sticker bombing” to correct this problem. It is where a collection of stickers is used to cover the damaged car parts to crate patterns, color and interest.
In an attempt find a new niche, I began to play with these trends. Creating fun and unique pieces, I use recycled magazines which are plentiful and colorful to create the “sticker bombed” affect, but with a twist. Content that I was keeping litter from our landfills, I noticed one day, I had an abundance of motor vehicle parts that were the perfect “Canvas” for my ideas. Recycling, repurposing, and cool images…. Eureka! All things dear to my heart.
Using cultural iconography with the origin of the vehicles I love as my inspiration, I plan to expand what the “car culture” started. My designs take the concept to a new level. As I created more pieces, I was attracted to dynamic imagery; themes that move you, and display my love of sport and speed. Often described as “Man Cave” Art by interested viewers – I note that people are often surprised to find that I am a Monster Motor Girl.

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