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For the past 38 years, Lou Eliopulos has witnessed some pretty grisly sights. Working as a death investigator, he has traveled throughout the world investigating cases. Specializing in forensic death scene investigations and cold case homicides, his job has often required him to view, through the lens of a camera - the absolute cruelty and heinous behavior of those individuals who have wreaked the havoc you may have seen covered in the evening news or read about in your daily paper. The photographs he created were required as part of his job and often served as testament to the depravity of a killer, the destructive path of a bullet, or the desperate struggle the victim had endured in their effort to escape death. 

Through the years, Eliopulos’ mechanism to cope and decompress from the brutal world in which he has worked was in photographing something striking or beautiful he may have observed during his travel to these death scene locations. With the same discerning eye used in taking crime scene photographs, Eliopulos, instead focused on capturing that special beauty he had witnessed through the lens of his own personal camera. Many of his photographs on display, chronicles a particular case he had worked.

At his full-time job, Lou heads the Forensics for the real NCIS. He reviews all scripts for the television programs NCIS, NCIS-LA and NCIS –NEW ORLEANS. He is the author of the best-selling text book, “Death Investigators Handbook.” He has lectured extensively, throughout the world on death investigations. His investigations have appeared in television shows such as Cold Case Files, The Real NCIS, Investigation Discovery, Unusual Suspects, and others. He is most proud to have served in assisting with the recovery of the remains at the Pentagon during 911.

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