My jewelry started with buttons when I was 11. My father encouraged me by getting me the large coat buttons that were hard to find. Then I started with things I found on the street or mechanical items. Anything outside the "box". I was steampunk before it was born! As the years went on, my jewelry got more sophisticated. I experimented with sea glass, wiring and soldering, and used quirky themes from French to Bali to African.  My items and themes eventually rolled over into my artwork. Every piece has a story...

I am originally from Woodstock, NY, and lived in Georgia prior to settling in Virginia. Creating and selling now for over 40 years. I have had shops, rental spaces, antique malls, yard sales, flea markets, etc.

My jewelry has been featured three times in the Jewelry Affaire magazine.

 Formerly an Occoquan Guild Member and shop owner in Occoquan, now returning back!

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