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I am a member of the Northern VA Handcrafters Guild and have been showing in Art A La Carte for almost 3 years. I love being a member of Art A la Carte and look forward to creating works to enhance your home and garden.

Linda Condray

Mosaic & Fused Glass

Email: wobgnut@aol.com

I am a relatively new resident of the Woodbridge area arriving here from Omaha, NE 3 years ago with my husband of 28 years, who just retired from 30 years in the Air Force. I am a graduate of Texas A&M Univ. with a BS in Psychology and St. Louis Univ. with a BSN in Nursing, specializing in Pediatric Cardiology. I have two children.

I have been working in stained glass for over 23 years. It’s amazing to realize that when I stop and think about it because it feels just as fresh and exciting to me now as it did then. While I have no formal training in art beyond high school, I have always enjoyed working on artistic endeavors of various mediums. I found my favorite medium in glass while we were stationed on Guam where a neighbor got me started. I have taken classes since to explore all the wonderful ways in which glass can be manipulated and work to create both functional and artistic pieces. I was a member of SAC’s Gallery in Montgomery, Al. and have shown in numerous juried shows in the Metro DC area, Hampton Roads, Va., Nebraska, Alabama & Florida.

I work in many glass mediums and am constantly exploring all the new and exciting methods of working in glass that are being offered to the “hobby artist” today. I often combine glass working methods. So you may see torch or fused pieces incorporated into a mosaic panel or into traditional stained glass. I like to think of myself as an artist who paints in glass just as a painter would with a liquid medium. The glass has many limitations compared with painting but it also has other unique attributes. I especially like the fact that the glass is affected by light from all directions and that a piece changes dramatically with the changing of the light conditions. Unbelievably this is even true with pieces mounted on concrete! When designing a piece, I consider how a piece will look in ambient light as well as lit from behind, in bright sunlight or on a cloudy day. I find most of my themes tend to be nature oriented and I love to add a sense of the whimsical. You might find a bumblebee riding on a turtle or a ladybug tucked away somewhere exploring her surroundings.

My stones and benches, and for the most part even birdbaths, can be left out year round. The stones are MEANT to be walked on and used as well as simply enjoyed for their color when the garden is no longer so green. The color is permanent to the glass, it will not fade or change color over time. While the stones can be broken (say by a lawnmower blade) they are VERY durable. Within my display you will see a small round stone of an orca whale that is NOT for sale. It is over 15 years old and has been in the ground year-round in Nebraska, Alabama and all the other places we’ve been stationed since it was made. The fused and traditional glass pieces demonstrate my enjoyment in exploring all the ways glass can be worked by the hobby artist today. The framed pieces are made of powdered glass that has been kiln fired or glass that was torch worked to form the components. The overall design was then fired to fuse the parts into a whole. Frames were made by me to complement and enhance the glass work to create a unique artistic piece.