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Lila Polo

About Lila P. Sánchez de Polo

My fascination in art and woodworking began in my native Bolivia, where I started using methods such as engraving, painting, and pyrography to make pieces of art on timeworn wooden chests. I visualize that the ability of being able to transform salvaged wood into inspiring messages or landscapes aids to encourage that old can always be turned into treasurable.

Many years went by for my hobby to grow and continue here, state side. After years of difficulties in searching for the way to show my art in many places and advertising, my perseverance was blessed as I approached the doors of ART A La Carte Gallery.

I think that today is the moment, it is when a new stage in my life begins, to be able to use old salvaged wood in a gift helps me reveal through phrases a meaning to life ... my inspiration is love and nature.