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Kathleen Kendall 
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Kathleen Kendall


 Artist Statement:

 All of my work is concentrated in a visual language that is psychological and personal to me, however, I believe these images are universal and can be interpreted by others in ways that are meaningful.  The layered images represent an attempt to comprehend all the overlapping intricacies of how to get through my life with some understanding.  My work is about developing and exploring personal mythic stories using symbolic imagery. Much of this imagery is inspired by classical myths and legends that run across time and cultures, and I refer to these ancient myths as I interpret my own story.

I start by painting a face with oils. The face is not meant to be anyone in particular, though it is always supposed to be beautiful.  Once this painting is dry, I apply the other images (which are printed on tissue paper) to the oil painting with a medium that makes the paper transparent. Sometimes there is only one layer; sometimes there could be a hundred layers.

The sculptures that I make are made of bisqued clay.  I often approach the same subject in sculpture as I do in painting, and I really enjoy mixing all kinds of materials in making an image.  The clay provides the opportunity to design work that incorporates wire, wood, glass, screen, photographs and any kind of found objects that I might come across.

They are often more lighthearted than my paintings yet every element is c

BFA University of West Florida 2000
Teacher Certification University of Texas Austin 2003
MIS Virginia Commonwealth University 2007

 I currently teach Middle School art for Fairfax County.