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John Noffsinger

Wood Turning


People ask what the favorite part of my art is. I draw only one conclusion. It is not any one part, but the whole procedure that I love. If it were any one part it would be hard to follow through and keep moving with my inspirations. My heart is in the entire artistic process. Art has been my strongest passion since I can remember, and today wood turning has become the vehicle that both drives and carries my artistic expression. Wood has its own natural art that lies within, and we work together as a team. The wood enhances my vision and I respectfully use all the skills I have developed to enhance the natural art in the wood itself. Each piece is numbered and dated as to follow the ongoing inspirations. These are a few points at the forefront of my vision. The best days I can hope for are those consumed by active inspiration in this art. I am certain my love for this art shows in my product and my best wish is that these works can be enjoyed by all. Artwork has been a strong passion of mine for most of my life. At an early age, I began seeking ways to further my education in the arts through school curriculum, places of employment and other available venues. Since this time woodturning has become the central point from which all of my artistic skills & talents can flourish. While focusing on drawing & printmaking, during the 1980`s & early 90`s, I began numbering my works of series. Today I keep the tradition, numbering my works of artistic series so that admirers & patrons can more closely follow my growth and journey. The artistic skills I commonly incorporate into turnings include drawing & painting, in both realistic and abstract form. Ancient imagery, geometric design and texture have been areas of ongoing study. All of these are commonly visible in my works through pyrography, carving, painting, and other available techniques. Woodturning, the vehicle of my artistic expression, has led me to explore extreme skills as part of the field. These include blacksmithing, and the harvesting of green wood. Blacksmithing is a means to design and forge my own unique turning tools. These hand forged tools comprise 50 – 60 % of those used in my turning. Welding and metal fabrication have also found their way into my current works as a new and exciting avenue to enhance and execute inspirational compositions. Over 60% of the timber I use is harvested personally, and cured for use from local clearing and storm damage. I find the beauty of our native wood is in a unsurpassable class of it’s own. I consider it a privilege to reveal and enhance these native treasures in my work. These are the main points of my artistic skills and qualification all of which are at the forefront of my work. The best days I can think of, or hope for, are those consumed by active inspiration and activity in this art form. It is my best wish that this work can, and will be, enjoyed by all who see it. Please do!

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