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Howard considers himself to be a metal smith. Creation of a wide variety of jewelry items is the end result. He works primarily in silver, copper and brass. Many pieces incorporate semi precious stones. His creative process centers around utilizing eye catching stones. Designs employ a variety of skills including soldering, forging, piercing, and many different textures.

His objective is to constantly broaden his horizons. Through the years he has taken workshops with distinguished artisans. Locally his work has been displayed at Strathmore Hall and the Torpedo Factory.

In addition to each of his pieces being unique to his vision, he also views them as statements. That translates to the wearer saying "I have something that truly stands out". All of his pieces are handcrafted from start to finish in his Northern Va. home studio.

Howard Stelzer



310 Mill Street
Occoquan, VA 22192
(703) 496-9540
Open Daily 11am - 5pm

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