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Upon returning from a "rock hound" trip in 2008, Fred became intrigued by his newly found fascination of turning raw "rocks" into semiprecious gemstones.  He tumbles, grinds and polishes his treasures into beautiful pieces suitable for jewelry and display.  Seeing the results of making the stones beautiful, he took a few elementary classes on wrapping.  This uncovered a unique hidden talent that the retired banker never imagined that he had!  He has a special ability to create beautiful jewelry from rocks that one would never imagined taking a second look at!  There have now been several rock hunting trips throughout the southern states and Arizona. 

Oh, the tumblers run constantly now!

After many trips to the Caribbean and the Virginia Shore where sea glass was gathered (when fortunate enough to find the suitable pieces), he sorted the sea glass according to grade (there are four classifications of sea glass), and began wrapping the collection.  He has sea glass from Sicily, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Cayman Islands, Greece, Virginia, Florida, Massachusetts, Honduras, Belize and even Cuba!  Each piece is very different from the others because it may not be altered from the way in which it was tossed into the sand from the sea if it is to be called genuine sea glass.  All of the pieces that Fred wraps are known to be genuine and not fabricated.  Each piece of sea glass has a history of its own... if only we knew what they were!  This leads to more traveling and collecting…

 Happy travels and pleasant journeys!

Fred Walker


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