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​​American Forging is a company with a philosophy of doing business to provide customers with quality gift-ware that is hand made.

Consumers embraced this formula of high quality, one of a kind gift, low prices and complete customer service. Over the years, American Forging added more art fairs to the schedule throughout the country making it Michigan's only hand crafted aluminum gift-ware retailer, and the nation’s largest hand hammered of recycled aluminum giftware. Yet, it remains dedicated to the tradition of total customer satisfaction, innovation, and inspiration.

Today, American Forging reaches all over the world via the web and continues to support local art fairs, and continue to attend America’s most popular fine art shows. Currently we have over 100 products available and continue to grow. American Forging is owned and operated by Dan Davenport, and Nick Davenport, who both, share the responsibilities of designing, engraving, production, and internet sales. We have locations in Millington, Michigan and Des Moines, Iowa.

How It's Made

Each piece is hand-hammered from recycled aluminum and crafted by seasoned and experienced craftsmen. The first step is to have the design hand-engraved in reverse into a block of steel using a hammer and chisel. Then placing the piece of aluminum on the engraved steel, the craftsmen force the metal into the engraving, creating a forward image. After cutting the piece to the desired size, it is edged and then colored to enrich the elaborate detail. The final step includes shining the metal to perfection. The art form is a very old process called reposse, which means a design raised in relief by hammering on the back side of the metal, thus forcing the metal into the engraved steel and forming the image. To maintain your piece, simply hand wash with warm soapy water. If your piece happens to get scratched or stained, gently rub using no. 0000 steel wool in the same direction as the grain of the metal.

Dan Davenport

Hand Hammered Aluminum


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