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​​About Amanda:

Amanda Parker is known for producing an ever evolving body of abstract work in a variety of mediums. These include, but are not limited to, oil, acrylic, ink, and mixed media.

Her goal is to share a world that is otherwise unseen with the viewer. Although she mastered realism at a young age, the abstract nature of her work presents unmatched challenges allowing her to drift between states of consciousness and bring forth work that might otherwise be incomprehensible.

Originally, she attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh for game art and design, but came out with a deep interest in developing traditional works of fine art. Her greatest influences include Salvador Dali, Leonardo Da Vinci, James Rosenquist, Feng Zhu, Andrew Wyeth and Peter Deligdisch.

To stay motivated Amanda enjoys spending time with her husband, engaging in philosophical discussions, collecting minerals, traveling, photography and cooking. Though fibromyalgia has impacted her life a great deal, she still enjoys hiking and mountain biking while living life to the fullest. She offers a reminder that life is short and no matter the circumstances, it is important to go forth and conquer dreams.

Artist's Statement:

Art is dynamic with the ability to instill unique thoughts and emotions into observers. Perspective and bias have always fascinated me as well, given their ability to impact the drama presented by painting. I find these to be tantalizing catalysts and my driving force to produce kinetic juxtaposition.

 While creating my mind strays into other times and dimensions where colors and shapes unfold. Throughout the process an evolutionary transformation between myself and the painting occurs. I truly believe I am painting every canvas for a specific person unmet, but somehow directing me to paint as they wish.

My mind is influenced by nature and micro patterns as small sections of canvas reveal themselves to me in a single file fashion. The illusions I create convey organic textures and unique formations from the natural world I see on exploratory walks. My palette reflects the passion within my heart, allowing me to cultivate my inner voice.



Amanda Parker

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