A few words from Celia:

Fabric and thread have held enchantment for me for as long as I can remember. I had at one time my own costume business for many years. From this early beginning my passion took a turn and I began working with miniature dolls and finally came into the world of Artistic Cloth Dolls.
I have taken various classes with some of the most renown teachers. In this media I am able to use my own sewing experiences and craft techniques that I have learned over the many years.  And I'm proud to say that I have been Juried on several occasions and even won recognition at several shows.  I belong to The Northern Virginia Handcrafters Guild and I also belong to several Doll clubs where we display our creations in this area.
It is exciting to be part of the Art Doll Community where I can exchange creative ideas with like artists and can indulge in my love of color, fabric and accessories.  I particularly love the humor that abounds in many of the doll creations and the laughter and joy shared with many friends.  But the sharing doesn't stop there. I have often been asked, "What is your favorite part of creating a doll?  My answer has always been that there are two parts.  Part one is the pleasure I get when I see the dolls take on their own personality.  Part two is when people see them at various shows.  Their eyes light up and start to crinkle at the edges and a little smile begins and grows and grows.  That's why I call my creations "Dolls That Make You Smile."


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